What happens at the intersection of Web3 and Dharma?

We are connecting and catalysing entrepreneurs creating projects that are seeding a culture of awakening.

community greenhouse

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We host occasional 90min virtual collaboration and connection sessions. We aim to connect people and support the development of inspiring new projects. Registration links are found in our discord.


I have a project!

Do you have a project idea or initiative in web3 and dharma that you would like some support on? Fill in the form below and we'll let you know about upcoming sessions.


I'd love to connect and support projects

Would you like to connect with others and help support new projects? Join us in discord and twitter.

What could SanghaDAO become?

We stand at a unique moment in time. The next evolution of the internet is underway. There is a lot of potential, possibility and noise.

This project and enquiry is just beginning.
SanghaDAO is attracting people interested in technology, creativity, social progress, Buddhism, meditation and impact focused entrepreneurship. What emerges will be determined by the people who are joining, sense-making and starting initiatives together.

If you are interested in the intersections of dharma and web3 and want to connect with others and contribute to the development of SanghaDAO, you are welcome to join the discord.

How did this start?

Watch the first conversation between Kevin Owocki from Gitcoin and Vince Horn from Buddhist Geeks here.

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